GDN Auto Converts “Ad Texts” to “Rich Texts”

Google introduces new feature all the time, that’s what’s keeping them to lead the pack. As digital marketers ourselves, we need to be quick on our feet with the rapid random introductions of new features. We simply have to be early adopters, for the benefits of our clients. Recently, we learned that Google has added a brand new awesome feature on the Google Display Network – they now automatically convert text ads to rich texts. That’s so much better than the dull boring text ads!

Apparently there isn’t much of an announcement from Google, leaving us very little information to start with. After hours of researching ups and downs, well here’s the best that we could do.

Google calls them “Richer Text”. They are the most brand safe ad type within the text ads family according to Google, and it began only last month. “Rich Text” runs on a text + image. The logo will be extracted from your official Google + page, and paired with common ad dimensions to gain better exposure around the internet. However, the advertisers themselves cannot decide on the colors. Google will derive color choices from the primary and secondary color of your logo.  Who knows that in the future we could have manual control?

We fee that this is a fresh, and clever approach, as it elevates the ad viewing experience multiple folds. I personally adore such ideas. Here is how Google converts the ads:

  • For richer text image ads, Google pulls the logo from a verified G+ account. If no verified G+ account is available, they will not run a richer text ad.
  • For native, they first look at the G+ account and if that is not available, they use a third-party image repository to contextually pair a relevant image.
  • Colors for the richer text ads are pulled from the primary and secondary colors of the logo. In the future, Google will allow customers to define their own colors.
  • Google is also testing a new text creation process internally that will allow customers to upload their own image.

Has anyone of you spotted a richer ad texts? Let us know how you feel about it, over the old dull ad texts.

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