Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai, the man behind Google’s Products

Google has amazing array of marketing products. The man Sundar Pichai would have some say over how the product was created.  This man can one handedly steer the future of Google, so lets dive in to see what he thinks about the new digital marketing paradigm.

Google Drive, Maps, apps, Chrome OS, Android, Search, Ads, ATAP… and counting…

The main objective that defines Google in near future is – to improve Google’s products through machine learning. The effort also coherently covers the effort in delivering computing capabilities to everybody around the world. Google latest approach is highly reflected in Google’s new product. For example, Tap and Project Ara. It organizes photos, virtual reality videos stitched together in the cloud. All these in credit of Pichai’s goal in making Google’s technology reachable by as many people as possible. Under Pichai, both Google’s product vision and its out-there R&D projects all seem to be heading in the same direction much more than before. Google has billions to spend. Their monetization strategy really is secondary to Pichai’s stated goals, to give everyone the power of Google’s products everywhere in the world, and he makes sure that future developments will keep his visions embedded.

Google is investing heavily on machine learning, especially in natural language contexts. So if you open your phone today and pop “Hey, what does a tree frog looks like?”, the machine now understands your question (English in this case, Google is now adopting real time translation) and runs through the online database of tree frogs then comes back with contextual replies/ answers. Error in word recognition is down from 23% to 8% last three years. Google is making tremendous progress. And these, reminds us of the SEO algorithm Hummingbird, and of course Google Now.

Another big part that Google is trying to accomplish is heavily linked with Android. As of I/O 2015, Android has reached a billion users worldwide, and the next question is – What’s the next Billion? And What is the Strategy Behind? To put things into comparison, the PC industry has reached 1.7 billion users worldwide. Judging from the mobile growth, getting past the numbers is only a matter of time.

Pichai’s guess? 5 Billion. Yeap. 

In order to get the numbers growing, Google must also build a reliable network of Internet, not just that but also affordable ones. Remember Project Loon? It’s not dead! Again back to basics, to reach everybody in the world. With the ongoing efforts like Chromebooks, Project Fi, Android One etc, the day will come. 

We will cover the latter parts- competition against Microsoft and Apple, Net Neutrality and more. For now, let’s end with Pichai’s famous vision.

“It matters that we drive technology as an enabler for everyone around the world.”


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