Marketing Metrics That Are Long Due

We love numbers, metrics, data and all of those sorts relating to digital marketing. Sometimes too much is not always good. We handle new clients every now and then, look at their campaign history, data collected and analysis. You will be surprised on metrics they are still measuring, they are long overdue and makes zero sense in today’s marketing paradigm. For instance,

1. Facebook Likes

Seriously, do people still care about Facebook Likes? The abundant numbers make them nonsensical at times. Facebook Likes can be bought with pennies, why does it matter anymore? Take a look at their organic reach instead, some trends towards zero. Many brands are now reporting that their post engaged less than 1% of their total audience. So what’s the point of trying to measure something that is so indispensable, that doesn’t even look at what you have to offer.

2. Ad Banner Impressions

They use to matter, it’s important to know your ad’s reach and how many people actually saw your ads. However, by today’s standards, ads appear everywhere, pushed to every random possible person. Of course there are targeting methods but you and I know we are constantly annoyed by irrelevant ads.

3. Traffic Source

We understand at times companies launch big promotional events. They need to justify where their visits come from. True but are these reliable performance indicators? Not so. Are they dispensable? Depends. Don’t sabotage your own efforts by discrediting them with what is crappy segmentation reporting. Our point here is a diverse traffic source can only be good, nothing bad.

4. Page Rank

Page Rank is officially DEAD people, for a very very long time. The last time Google updated the page rank algorithm, it was in 2013. Oh did we forget to mention it was by accident? So yeah that should give you a clear indication how important this whole page rank thing is for Google. So for whatever reason you are still looking at page rank (most probably for SEO, backlink building etc.), STOP RIGHT NOW.

There are better places to spend your resources on. These digital marketing metrics are long over due. The more you focus on measurement that doesn’t matter, the less time you have for metrics that actually matter. Don’t improve the volume, improve on quality. Quality brings better business opportunity.

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