Tips & Tricks to Improve on your Mobile AdWords Conversion rate

 – Go Mobile. That’s the marketing phrase for 2015 –

This could easily be the template answer, or the backbone for SEM strategies in year 2015, and possibly 2016 and beyond. Mobile has evolved in aplenty of ways in 2015, instances where Android dominated the mobile market share, mobile searches exceeded desktop searches, Project Fi etc etc. Mobile marketing is the next BIG thing!

However, we still go through some sloppy mobile landing pages for Google Adwords. Little do they realize the subtle details on their landing pages affect conversion rates.  In this article, let’s dive into the details, and discuss determining factors that could double your conversion rate.


Lengthy paragraphs doesn’t appeal, fact. A concise copy writing attracts attention, and deliver messages better. After all, how much can a 5 inch screen portray. Remember, keep things short, neat, clean and precise.


Quit using words like “BEST”, “LEADING”, “YOUR PERFECT CHOICE”…and the list continues, you get what I mean. It’s cheesy as hell! English is a magical language, make use of the vocabularies that run into the millions. Its always better to show clear, direct and concise marketing messages. Remember, your message should drive conversion.


First off, your website should be in responsive, if not you shouldn’t be reading this post in the first place. The fonts should be big enough for people to read, and buttons big enough for people to click, nope tap. Again, all these improves navigation, in turn conversion.

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Easier to say than done. Rule of thumb, make sure your landing page loads within 4 seconds. According to stats, 4 seconds is the average limit a visitor could bear. We are spoiled by choices, and you wont be considered if you ain’t fast enough.


We have been emphasizing since the beginning of the article, call to action, conversion. This could be an app download, a phone call, a purchase, whatever it is, focus on that primary objective. Don’t distract visitors with fancy sidelines. Trust me, we are very very very very easily distracted.

 So, what other tips do you have for mobile landing page success? Let us know in the comments below!

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